Deluge is unavoidable: what is the threat of the World Ocean’s level rise

Scientists from the British National Oceanographic Center conducted a research of the economic consequences of rising sea levels, which is due to an increase of global temperature on the planet.

More than 600 million people in the world live in low coastal areas. And if developed countries, according to scientists, have sufficient resources to protect the population and infrastructure, then countries of medium development, such as China, will suffer the greatest economic losses.
As the scientists calculated, if the warming persists within one and a half degrees, the level of the World Ocean will rise by about half a meter, but if the temperature rises above 2 degrees, the average water level will rise by at least 86 cm, and in the worst case it will reach the level 1,8 meters. In the dollar equivalent, the losses of mankind will be from 14 trillion (in good case) to 27 trillion (rising by 1.8 m) per year. Tentatively, this would constitute 2.8% of world GDP in 2100.

How will the city look if the temperature of the world’s ocean rises only 4 degrees:

More extreme consequences await coastal tropical areas. Negative impact on the economy of developing countries and the danger of living and working in coastal zones can become a reality very soon. Small low islands will be in danger, their ecological condition and natural resources will be seriously affected. Scientists note that these researches again show the need to contain anthropogenic impact on the climate of the planet.

The maintenance of the temperature rise within 2 degrees Celsius should be facilitated by the Paris Agreement. However, the US, which is one of the world leaders in greenhouse gas emissions, last year withdrew from the agreement. Now, the implementation of plans to reduce overall emission of CO₂ is under threat.

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