Elon Musk Wants To ‘Nuke Mars’ To Make It Earth-Like

Is Elon Musk really planning to nuke Mars? According to him, it is the fast way of turning the Red Planet into an Earth-like one that’s suitable for humans to live in.

‘Fixer-Upper Of A Planet’

It was in 2015 when talk show host Stephen Colbert jokingly said that Musk might be a super villain because of his views on how to change “fixer-upper of a planet” Mars to become a habitable one. During the interview, Musk said that there was a slow way and a fast way to turn Mars into an Earth-like planet, and when asked about the fast way, he said that it was by dropping nukes on the poles of the planet.

The idea is that by dropping nuclear weapons on the poles of Mars, the planet’s polar ice caps would melt and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This would then raise the air pressure and temperature on the planet, practically forcing the planet to go on a fast-tracked climate change that would make it more Earth-like and friendly to its human inhabitants.

‘Nuke Mars!’

Even then Elon Musk was already busy with various endeavors like Tesla and SpaceX. Now, it seems as though he is working his way toward making his pronouncement on the late night show a reality.

In a recent tweet, Musk reiterated his words in 2015 by tweeting “Nuke Mars!” and followed it up with “T-shirt soon.” It is unclear whether he is actually planning to drop nuclear weapons on the poles of the planet or sell t-shirts with the words “Nuke Mars!” on them, but it seems he is getting quite a lot of support. As of the writing of this article his tweet has had over 30,000 retweets and over 230,000 likes.

There’s no saying if he will still get his way this time, however, as experts have warned that the plan might not even work and there are still missions to try and find signs of ancient life on Mars.

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