Israeli researchers develop new waste-to-fuel technology

Israeli researchers have developed a new way to produce gas fuel from organic waste, using thermal treatment, Ben-Gurion University (BGU) in southern Israel said Thursday.

The method is based on the decomposition of waste in water at temperatures above 347 degrees Celsius and pressure 221 atmospheres (supercritical water).

The supercritical water has unique physicochemical properties, able to actively decompose organic materials and slightly dissolve inorganic materials.

In this way, the organic part of the raw material can be converted to environmentally friendly gaseous-flammable materials, and the non-organic part can be separated for future use.

The BGU team built an experimental facility, where various types of waste were tackled, such as wood waste and glycerin containing biodiesel by-products.

Turning waste into fuel is an increasingly popular approach to solve the issues of waste and sustainable energy.

The researchers said the technology is about 20 percent more efficient than other green energy production methods.

They added that the new technology will begin pre-industrial phase and a pilot plant will be established.

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