Media advisory by EU auditors: upcoming review of the initial EU public health response to COVID-19

On Monday 18 January, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) will publish a review of the EU’s initial response to the COVID-19 health crisis. This review looks at the EU’s initial response to the COVID-19 health crisis to draw attention to certain issues faced by the EU in its support for member states’ actions, being public health primarily a national competence.

The review – which is not an audit – clarifies the role of the EU and member states and provides an overview of the main EU public health activities in the early stages of the pandemic from the perspective of the external auditor, in view of possible policy development.The auditors reviewed the use of the existing EU framework for dealing with serious health threats, plus the main additional actions taken by June 2020 by the European Commission and EU agencies to support the provision of medical supplies and the research and development of tests, treatments and vaccines.

Interested journalist can contact [email protected] to receive embargoed copies of the review and to organize interviews with the reporting ECA member Joëlle Elvinger and the auditors. Upon request, the press office may organize a technical virtual briefing for journalists.The ECA’s reviews cover different EU-related policy and management topics, and their objectives vary. They may provide scene-setting description and analysis based on the ECA’s published audits, often from a cross-cutting perspective. They are also used to present the ECA’s analysis of areas or issues not yet audited, or to establish facts on specific topics or problems.

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