SpaceX Creates World’s Tallest Rocket by Stacking Starship and Super Heavy Booster

Elon Musk released a series of pictures today showing the world’s tallest rocket, or to be more specific, the SpaceX Starship prototype stacked atop a Super Heavy booster. Standing nearly 400-feet-tall, the Starship itself is the size of a 16-story building and will eventually launch cargo as well as human astronauts on missions to Mars. The Super Heavy booster is the lower section of the rocket and stands around 230-feet tall.

To date, SpaceX has successfully completed numerous test flights of Starship prototypes over the past year, and their next goal will be to reach orbit. Elon Musk announced a few significant milestones that SpaceX needs to complete before Starship 20 launches, including adding the final heat shield tiles to the ship, installing thermal protection on the Raptor rocket engines in Booster 4, complete work on ground propellant storage tanks and then secure a quick disconnect arm atop the recently built launch tower.

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