Study launched into Covid-related brain damage

The Dutch brain foundation Hersenstichting is funding a national study into brain damage caused by the coronavirus. The goal is to gather information to improve treatment for future patients, ANP reports.

Patients from the first wave of the epidemic will be followed for an extended period of time and examined for possible brain damage. The results will be used to determine more appropriate treatment for future coronavirus patients.

“Corona has major consequences for the brain. Some patients have permanent cognitive complaints, such as reduced attention and concentration, problems with remembering and planning. Extreme fatigue also occurs in many people,” Hersenstichting director Merel Heimens Visser said to the news wire.

How often this happens and why is still unknown, and the study aims to shed light on this. “If we know who gets which symptoms and why, we can better treat, limit or even prevent brain damage in corona patients,” Visser said.

The study is expected to cost over 325 thousand euros. That amount was raised through a crowdfunding campaign.

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