The 5th century ‘Vampire Boy’ tomb was found

In the archaeological excavations in the Umbria region of Italy, a children’s skeleton was found buried in his mouth, which was referred to as the “Vampire Child”.

In the town of Lugnano, an extraordinary tomb was encountered in the tomb of a child from the reign of the Roman Empire. Excavations conducted under the leadership of archaeologists from Stanford University determined that a child of 10 years of age was buried in the mouth of a stone.

According to the Italian press, the child’s mouth has been placed in a “vampire burial ritual ” is pointing.

Archaeologists estimate that the child is probably suffering from malaria, and that after his death, he was planted with stones in his mouth to prevent him from infecting creatures such as the “Vampire”. The child is known as the “Lugnano vampire ” in the Italian press.

Excavation director David Pickel, a child in the age of 3 years ago, the hands and feet were buried in the beginning of the stone said they found.

In 2009, in Venice, a skeleton of a woman buried in the mouth of a brick was found, and this woman became known as the “Venice Vampire”.

Italian press, such pagan rituals after the death of the people who feared to be relocated after the dead, and this way, said that they could not come out of their graves.

The US archaeologist Jordan Wilson, who told the newspaper La Repubblica, also said, “These actions made to the dead can be seen in different cultures. Especially in the Roman Empire, it shows that the buried person is feared for spreading disease to those who come out of the grave, ” he said.


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