Russia is ready to establish a permanent base controlled by robots on the moon. Within the scope of the project, Russian cosmonauts were first expected to be on the lunar surface during the years 2030-2031.

Russian space agency Roscosmos director-General Dmitry Rogozin said on Tuesday that “we are talking about creating a long-term base, which does not need to keep people constantly.”

According to the Russian space programme, the cosmonauts for the project initially stipulates that the 2030-2031 of the lunar surface is set in the years.

Roscosmos also collaborated with other space agencies as part of the space orbital platform-Gateway (Lunar orbital Platform-Gateway) project.

The Space Orbital platform-the gateway project is scheduled to build a satellite that will serve as a refueling point for spacecraft to be sent to distant planets.

In September, Russia announced that it could leave the project planned to be co-ed with the United States (USA).

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