Why clouds are white?

Why are the clouds white? How are tons of clouds hanging in the air? Are there any living creatures in the clouds? Why do some of the clouds appear flat?

Why are the clouds white?

Clouds contain air and water; they do not absorb light because they are both transparent. This may make white appearances interesting.

However, some of this water is scattered as tiny particles. For this reason, the light can go into the cloud a few meters, but eventually it will hit a drip.

In this case, the light is scattered and the direction changes slightly. In a dense cloud, each light particle can strike a large number of drops. Each of them is eventually thrown out of a place near the end.

In other words, the color of the cloud is actually a mixture of colors that the light gives to it. Since the daylight is usually white, we see the clouds white.

But in cities that are sunny or at night, the clouds get out-of-white colors.

How do tons of clouds hang in the air?

When the air cools at a certain height, the steam condenses into water droplets, forming clouds. If these droplets are denser than air, they fall very slowly, not quickly because they are too small.

An average cloud contains only 0.5 grams of water per cubic meter. As long as this water remains in small droplets, the cloud continues to stay in the sky with hot air rising from the ground. When the particles join together and reach a sufficient size, they fall down in the rain with the effect of gravity.

The reason for the rising of the evaporating water to the sky is the lightness. Air consists of a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen and the density of one cubic meter of air is 1,225 kg. The water vapor molecule is far more amenable to an oxygen and two hydrogen atoms; The average density of a cubic meter in average temperature and pressure is 0.804 kg.

That is why even if the clouds find the total weight of the clouds they are hanging in the sky.

Are there any living creatures in the clouds?

Answer is YES. Approximately two million tons of bacteria per year, 55 million tons of fungal spores and plenty of algae (air algae) air flow to the atmosphere.

These microscopic creatures play an important role in the weather. The clouds of water in the clouds turn to rain more often because of them. I mean, it is thought that it would not rain so often if there were no life in the clouds.

Why do some of the clouds appear flat?

As the hot air ascends, the water vapor does not visibly appear until it cools enough and condenses into water drops.

The height that it creates forms the base of the cloud. With the continual increase of the water vapor along with the air, there will be a new cloud there and protect the flat surface.

The previously formed cloud appears to be raised above the cloud as it is pushed upwards.


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