Why is 536 years the worst year in human history?

What was the worst and most difficult year that mankind had to endure? An international team of historians and archaeologists examined the samples they received from an ice mass in the Swiss Alps to determine this.

At the end of the studies, 536 years after the Christ, the worst conditions for mankind began to form the beginning of the period was determined.

Harvard University medieval historian Prof. Michael McCormick said, “The world is a very frightening place in the years 536 and following.”

“Make sure you didn’t want to live at that time,” said Mccormik, saying:

“Imagine the ash cloud, created by an incredibly large volcano eruption in Iceland, covering the entire northern hemisphere. Imagine that even in the spring, suddenly the sun has lost its effect and the temperature levels are completely unstable. 536 is not the worst year in this sense but it has been determined as the beginning of the worst years. ”

The rapid and sharp climate change that happens as a result of the temperature drop, the people of the period forced to completely change the agricultural activities mccormik, the people almost constantly live in a dark and dusk, he expresses.

In order to determine this date, it is similar to the previously researched Mccormik, which conveys that the delicate lasers and the thin layers inside the ice are counted, and the chemistry of the volcanic glass and ash fragments trapped inside the air bubbles Dates, but with this last work, the year and month are clarified, he says. The results of the study were published last week in Antiquity magazine.

Christopher Loveluck, an archaeological professor at the University of Nottingham, a co-leader of the international team, along with McCormick, said 536 was the beginning of hell on Earth:

“Famine, hunger, sickness, plague and freezing cold everywhere. There’s nowhere to run. Emigration is not the answer. The management of existing scarce resources has become the biggest problem and is the sixth. It was when the century kingdoms began to emerge. There’s so much to learn from the world’s glaciers.

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