The suicide rate in Japan has reached the highest level of the last 30 years.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Education in Japan, suicide rates have declined in the last 15 years throughout the country, but the number of people who end their lives at a young age increases.

At least 250 children committed suicide in the first, middle and high schools until March of this year, while this figure was 245 in the previous year.

268 people who were educated in secondary education institutions in 1986 in the country had committed suicide.

“The number of suicides is very high and the worrying situation needs to be addressed,” said Noriaki Kitazaki, an official of the Ministry of Education, who evaluated the topic.

Kitazaki said it is very difficult to determine the factors behind the increase.

According to the study, 33 of the 250 children who committed suicide were worried about their future, 31 of them committed suicide because of family problems and 10 were attacked.

The other 140 is unknown to the cause of suicide.

Meanwhile, according to the National Police Agency, the number of suicides in all age groups in Japan was 34 thousand 427 in 2003, while this figure fell to 21 thousand 321 in 2017.

Japan is one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

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