Anthony Joshua THREE STONE lighter than Andy Ruiz Jr for rematch in Saudi Arabia

Anthony Joshua will head into Saturday night’s fight with Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia more than three stone lighter than his opponent.

The Brit has weighed in at 16st 13lbs (237lbs) – 10.8lbs lower than when he was stunned by the Mexican-American in their first meeting in June.

Ruiz, however, has piled on more than a stone to tip the scales at 20 stone 3lbs, making him the second-heaviest defending champion in heavyweight history, behind only the 7ft Russian giant Nikolai Valuev.

There had been plenty of speculation in the build-up about the physiques of both men.

Many observers noticed that AJ appeared to have slimmed down significantly, which proved true on the scales.

Others believed that Ruiz Jr had also lost weight, which proved to be completely false.

In the aftermath of the weigh-in, the champion’s trainer Manny Robles suggested the scales may have failed as he claimed Ruiz Jr only weighed around 273lbs.

He then reassessed and decided the scale likely wasn’t the problem as Joshua’s weight was accurate.

Instead he theorised that the reading must have been because Ruiz Jr weighed himself with his phone and wallet in his pocket, as well as while also wearing his sombrero.

Ruiz Jr previously stated that he intended to be around a stone lighter for the rematch.

He told USA Today: “I want to be more toned. Just shock the world even more, you know? I’ll have more ability, more speed, more power if I turn the little flab I have into muscle.

“I’m not trying to be with six-pack abs and big muscles and all that. None of that, you know. But just look a little different and more lean.

“That’s something I’m working on now, choosing the right foods. If not, I would be eating a three-patty hamburger with bacon and all kinds of cheese.

“People need to understand that I came this far being chubby and all that. Imagine how far I could go actually being in good shape and looking good.

“It’s going to work in my advantage. I know it’s going to work. I’m going to feel a lot better and have more ability. I’d love to be at 250/255lbs, but just be fit and be solid.

“Now that I have the right team behind me and the right equipment and all that, I think it’s going to work out for my benefit and it’s going to work out in my favour.

“The main thing is just to stay focused.’’

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