Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel deserved Champions League

After a controversial season, Chelsea wins the Champions League for the second time in the club’s history. However, all credit goes to Thomas Tuchel for sticking to his game plan. It was his determination that makes him a deserved Champions League winner. Thomas Tuchel deserved his Champions League victory with Chelsea as he goes down in the history of the game following the domination of Manchester City.

The sacking of Frank Lampard was devastating, and expectations were high for Thomas Tuchel as he took over. Lampard had done a fantastic job at bringing young players into the first team. He revitalized joy for the fans; and he allowed everyone to dream. However, after his sacking, confidence on the team started to vanish. The air around was divided and lacked excitement.

Then, Thomas Tuchel took over and he did it in his own way. Tuchel made sure to push certain players to improve, allowed squad rotation, and gave leadership to those who earned it. In the first few games, his aim was that of a champion: Chelsea doesn’t lose games.

With this mentality in mind, he made Chelsea the defensive superpower the club is known for. All defenders were competing for a starting spot, and they all played fantastically well. Even the likes of Andreas Christensen, whom could have been on the verge of a move away, started played like a club legend.

However, one lingering problem remained, despite all the attacking options at hand, Chelsea could not score enough. This was the biggest challenge for the Head Coach as none of the strikers, in particular Timo Werner, was producing the goods. Therefore, there was only one solution: to score a few. Never concede.

But, where Tuchel deserves all the credit is his conviction and vision. At no point did he lose sight of what he wanted, nor how he was going to achieve it. To be honest, I was a critic of some decision. But Tuchel did not get drawn into mind games or media gossip.

In the Champions League final, this was no different. Tuchel knew who to play, where, and why. He didn’t overthink his game-plan and proceeded to keep Guardiola’s Manchester City at bay. He trusted the front three; their interchangeable movement, and speed. Tuchel also managed to make the defense impenetrable; even if it was close at times. But at the end of the day, the Champions League final is a game of fine margins, and that is what Tuchel perfected at Chelsea. Despite the controversies, rumors, and questionable decision, it was his mastermind that made the dream come true once more.

After this night, Tuchel will go down as a Chelsea legend. He trusted his knowledge, instincts, determination. More importantly, he trusted and pushed his players to get the job done. After this night, he is officially a Champions League winner.

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