Frank Lampard ‘unsurprised’ by Jose Mourinho’s diving claim about Chelsea

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard says he was “unsurprised” to hear Jose Mourinho’s comments about his team diving.

The Tottenham boss was questioned about Harry Kane’s possible simulation amid a diving row centered around the striker winning a spot kick against Adam Lallana last week.

Mourinho replied: “Kane? I think you are confused. You could be speaking about some Manchester United players, some Man City players, some Liverpool players, some Chelsea players.”

Chelsea have already won eight penalties across all competitions this season but Lampard dismissed suggestions by his former mentor that his players dive to gain an advantage.

“I wasn’t surprised by those comments,” he said. “There have been no incidents of diving at Chelsea this season that I’ve seen.

“But I wasn’t surprised by it, no. I think it’s very normal that managers in and around the clubs challenging sometimes mention others with those statements. It didn’t affect me.”

He added: “I’m not going to tell Jose or any other manager how to do a press conference.

“I think we all know when we watch these penalty decisions, we know what ones are penalties, what ones are dives, ones that are cleverly bought. I don’t want to dwell on it.”


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