Gerrard ‘leading by example’ just like Sir Alex says world class consultant

Leadership, team-culture and performance guru Allister McCaw has paid a very high compliment to Steven Gerrard after likening his traits to those of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

McCaw reflected on spent time at Rangers Auchenhowie training base and was impressed with what he surveyed.

Not only was Gerrard singled out for praise but the talents and expertise of the likes of Michael Beale and Jordan Milsom were also commended.

Florida-based McCaw travels the globe, getting up close and personal with elite sports teams and personnel.

His services are very much in demand and in vogue at present, but he gets results.

In a feature interview, the Belfast-born consultant spoke about what he witnessed with Rangers manager Gerrard:

“The change in mindset they’ve instilled in less than three years is phenomenal. It’s all about building the right culture and they’ve done that.”

“This time last year I met Steven at the Rangers training ground. His leadership skills are exceptional. You’ve seen that from him even as a kid coming through the Liverpool academy.”

“He’s a natural leader that doesn’t necessarily have to say much.”

“You get different types of leader. Some are vocal, some aren’t and Steven’s not too vocal. He leads by example.”

“I remember one of the days I was at the training ground, noticing how good he was with the players in the cafeteria, downstairs, outside on the pitch.”

“How he moved between the players. You can’t deny his leadership skills are world class.”

“One of the days I was leaving the training ground at around 7pm and as I passed the gym there was only one guy working out in there, it was Steven.”


“He was one of the few guys left in the building. They talk about first in, last out, which is a bit of a cliche. We know Alex Ferguson was that person but there are similar traits with Gerrard.”

“I was there on a consulting basis, speaking to the performance team and the medical team.

“The invitation was actually from their head of performance Jordan Milsom, who was also at Liverpool with Steven.”

“He’s another world class guy on their team. If there’s one common denominator with the guys there it’s they are just great with people.”

“Steven has surrounded himself not just with great people in their own fields of expertise but with great people (as individuals).”

The more praise, the better for Gerrard’s coaching team as it only enhances Rangers reputation.

Positive strides have been made on and off the pitch in recent years and that progress is being evidenced at home and abroad on the pitch.

Within a few weeks, the arrival off the Scottish Premiership trophy at Ibrox will deliver a major milestone for the Steven Gerrard era at Rangers, to hard-earned wide acclaim.

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