Lionel Messi told he “has no passion” and Cristiano Ronaldo is more like Diego Maradona

Lionel Messi has no passion, and his rival Cristiano Ronaldo is more like Argentina legend Diego Maradona in this department.

That’s according to Benfica manager Jorge Jesus, who has labelled Maradona the “greatest” for the impact he had both on and off the pitch.

Jesus told ESPN: “In my opinion, Maradona was the greatest player in history, with Pele. Pele is still here, he is alive.

“Maradona was the greatest, not only for what he was as a genius and player, but for the way he showed. That made the difference to me.

“He was a world top, but he had a passion for the game, he was born to be a football player, he was born with everything.

“It is not a worked product, he was born that way. Love, all the feeling he had with the ball.

“Nowadays, between the two best in the world, Ronaldo has a little bit of that, Messi has nothing. He has nothing… of passion. He is a great player.”

Jesus later clarified: “Be careful not to misinterpret. As for Messi, we are talking about what life and feeling is about, having a passion for the game and football.

“I think Maradona was even prominent in this regard in relation to other.”

Messi paid tribute to his hero Maradona after scoring for Barcelona in Sunday’s clash with La Liga rivals Osasuna.

The Argentine removed his shirt to show a Newell’s Old Boys jersey underneath – Messi’s first and Maradona’s final team – sporting the number 10.

Barcelona are facing a £2,700 fine for the tribute.

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