Luis Suarez Opens Up About Barcelona Exit, Admits To Being Reduced To Tears

Luis Suarez has accomplished so much in his career and deserves respect for his contributions to the sport. Unfortunately, it was not a heartwarming exit for the 33-year-old at Camp Nou.

Despite being the club’s third all-time top scorer, the Uruguayan player was told by new boss Ronald Koeman that he was not part of the club’s plans moving forward. This came as a surprise to most considering his contributions. Most felt that Suarez still had a lot left in him.

After keeping mum about it, Suarez has now opened up about his final days with Barcelona. In all, it was an experience that reduced him to tears, Reuters reported.

“Those days were very difficult. I cried because of what I was having to go through,” Suarez said. “I didn’t take the club’s message that they were looking for a solution for me in order to mix things up very well. I was hurt most of all by the way they did things, because one has to accept it when a cycle comes to an end.”

No one knew what was happening with Suarez at the time. There were reports that he was busy ironing out the requirements to join Juventus, something that included him taking a language exam for passport purposes. But in the end, the 33-year-old ended up joining Atletico Madrid.

Suarez admitted that the only person who saw his unhappiness was his wife, Sofia Balbi. It was a tough period for the Uruguayan striker. but the Atletico Madrid deal came at just the right time.

“My wife could see how unhappy I was and she wanted to see me smile again and when the chance came to join Atletico I had no doubts,” Suarez said.,

It was in the match against Granada where Suarez gained ground. He scored twice for Atletico in the club’s 6-1 victory. This came after two goalless draws against Huesca and Villareal.

One player who threw his support behind Suarez is Lionel Messi. The Argentine player lashed out at Barca for its treatment of his friend, an ordeal that the Uruguayan admitted hurt him and his family.

“I wasn’t surprised that Messi supported me publicly because I know him too well. He knew the pain I was going through, the feeling that I was being kicked out was what hurt me the most,” Suarez said. “The way they did things was not right and Leo knows how me and my family suffered.”

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