Manchester City star banned from driving after being clocked at 120mph on the M6

Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez has been fined and banned from driving after being caught doing speeds of up to 120mph on the M6, reports The Sun

It seems like a weekly occurrence that Premier League players find themselves in hot water for driving at speed.

The financial riches on offer in England’s top tier give the players the opportunity to drive their dream cars, but some seemingly cannot be trusted to do so responsibly.

One of those is Riyad Mahrez, Man City, who as reported by The Sun, was clocked at 120mph on the M6 and has subsequently been fined £2.5k and given a 56-day ban from driving.

The report notes that Mahrez was driving an Audi RS6, worth £100k, at the time he was caught speeding.

Mahrez, who is 30-years-old, really ought to know better. The risks of driving at that speed to both himself and other road users are considerable.

Unfortunately, when drivers are caught doing almost double the speed limit and are penalised so leniently, there is not much of a deterrent from the offenders’ perspective.

According to a separate report by The Sun over the summer, Mahrez earns £120k-a-week at Man City. A £2.5k fine is just laughable in comparison to his astronomical wages.

You wonder if the powers at be ought to make these penalties more earnings-specific, so offenders would have to pay a fine based on how much they’ve got in the bank.

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