Manchester United players select favourite goal celebration in the squad

Manchester United trio Jadon Sancho, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw couldn’t agree on which player in the squad has the best goal celebration out of Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba and Edinson Cavani.

All three attackers have got trademark celebrations for whenever they find the back of the net, with the fans also loving the fact that they all join in with each other’s antics.

Fernandes always covers his ears when he scores, a celebration he does for his children at home, while Uruguay striker Cavani is famed for his bow and arrow celebration which he recently explained the meaning behind.

Pogba on the other hand has had several over the years, usually picking a dance move that is popular at the time. Currently however he has settled for a new trend where he outstretches one arm down his side and points two fingers into it to indicate “ice in his veins”.

Sancho, Maguire and Shaw were all asked about which of the three was their favourite by YouTube channel ‘UMM‘ and while the two defenders agreed the summer signing had a different opinion.

“Pogba has several celebrations,” Sancho said. “I like the recent one where he does that [points to his arm]. I like that, ice in the veins. I like that one. I would go with Pogs, that’s more me. That’s cold.”

Maguire and Shaw however opted for Cavani’s famous celebration as the best in the squad.

“I’d have to go with Edi, yeah Cavani,” said Shaw while Maguire explained his reasoning a bit further.

“I’d go with Edi’s. He means business when he does his celebration so it’s a celebration but he’s serious about it as well. Yeah, I’d go with him.”

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