Marcelo Bielsa sends strong message to Liverpool over European Super League

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa believes the proposed European Super League being backed by Liverpool will “harm” football.

Reds owners Fenway Sports Group have signed up as one of 12 founding members of the controversial breakaway scheme, which was confirmed on Sunday evening.

Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw in Monday’s Premier League clash at Leeds, a result that casts further doubt on Champions League qualification next season – a point that may be moot should the Super League clubs press ahead with their plans for a separate tournament.

And Bielsa has accused Liverpool of being among those clubs who are operating only in their own interests and forgetting the remainder of the league.

“Of course it causes harm to football,” said the Leeds boss. “This shouldn’t surprise any of us.

“The stronger teams, these powerful teams think they have most influence and are generating most of the revenue in football.

“Taking into account this logic, when the rest of the teams are no longer necessary for them, they take privilege in their own interest and forget the rest.

“There are structures that should put limits on the excesses of the big teams. This was inevitable.

“The organisations could have anticipated these excesses and they could have avoided it. This shouldn’t surprise us because this happens in all walks of life.

“Of course there are different teams, more important than other but they should be conscious of the needs of each other.

“But because football has a view that is always more commercial now, it is natural that in the world of businesses, looking only at the economic aspect, they demand the majority of it.

“Football belongs to everybody, even if there are owners, the real owners of football are the ones who love the badge and without them football will disappear.”

Asked if he had any sympathy for Jurgen Klopp, who has expressed concern with the proposals, Bielsa said: “The responsibilities are those who are in charge of the structure. The structures have to be in place so that this doesn’t happen.

“This is going to generate a huge polemic and let’s see who takes the side of the fans.

“The important thing is the protection of the fans. As a spectator that they observe in astonishment something that creates a lot of emotion for them is in place where the important thing is the economics.”


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