Neymar plans NYE partey is Brazil despite new Covid strain’s European spread

Neymar organises party in pandemic

PSG forward Neymar has reportedly organised a New Year’s Eve celebratory party for over 500 people in his native country of Brazil. The former Barcelona wide man is currently injured and not expected to return to action until January.

Brazil is one of the worst hit countries in the world regarding the pandemic and only the United States of America have suffered more deaths from the pandemic.

Human rights lawyer Augusto de Arruda Botelho, who is based in the country of Brazil, has severely criticised the footballer for his actions.

“The stupid trophy of the day goes to @neymarjr and your 5-day party or President Bolsonaro and your “I don’t care about that”? Remember, asshole of the day, talkei?” he wrote.

No official word has yet been released about the consequences of the Brazilian international’s actions.

New variant spread

One of the biggest concerns with Neymar travelling from Europe across the Atlantic to his homeland Brazil is that of the spread of the Covid-19 new variant. It has been reported that a new strain, which is supposedly 70% more infectious, has begun rapidly spreading across the UK and is now starting to see cases appearing in mainland Europe.

France, Spain, Sweden and even countries further afield such as Canada and Japan have now reported cases of the new variant.

Travel from the UK to these countries was quickly shut down but it appears it has been too late to stop the initial spread of this new, more infectious variant.

This will of course bring the Brazilian under increased scrutiny for travelling and then organising the reported 500-strong party.

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