Rangers boss Steven Gerrard ‘can’t believe’ one thing ahead of St Johnstone clash

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard can’t believe that he has already managed the club for 75 fixtures.

The ex-England skipper was won 44 of his games in charge since taking over during the summer of 2018, and lauded the atmosphere that the home fans create at Ibrox.

He said: “Can’t believe that is 75 games as manager of Rangers, I suppose time flies when you are having fun!

“Around the world, there are a handful of stadiums that can create that sort of atmosphere on a European night.

“They are addictive and we want more of it.

“The emotion in the ground and the performance was fitting on a difficult night.”

Rangers take on St Johnstone on Sunday after an impressive win over Feyenoord on Thursday, but Gerrard is not too happy with the 12:15 kick-off time.

He said: “We are not complaining, it is the way it is.

“But certainly for us and Celtic, you would like to think that our own league would help us in terms of kick-off times.

“But they go the other way and make them earlier and they give you morning kick-offs.

“I probably haven’t been up here long enough to maybe bring that up.

“But it is not good is it, when you are kicking off at eight o’clock on a Thursday night and your players.

“The adrenaline and you can’t get a sleep until three or four o’clock in the morning and then our league, who are supposed to be our governing body who help us, go and agree a kick-off time at 12:15 on Sunday.”

One player that won’t be involved is Eros Grezda, who is unlikely to play for the club again after an incident in the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup.

Gerrard said: “Grezda has been told face-to-face what his situation is.

“He has been advised to find a different challenge for himself and his representation is aware of that.”

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