Thomas Tuchel reveals Petr Cech role in significant Chelsea player decision

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has spoken about the saga surrounding the Premier League’s Brazilian footballers which has unfolded over the past week.

It was announced that the Brazilian FA would trigger a rule put in place by FIFA that allows players to be banned from club games who did not report for international duty between September 10 and 14, meaning Thiago Silva would have missed two matches.

Premier League clubs decided not to release those players who would have been jetting off to red-list countries. Had they done so, a period of quarantine would have been mandatory on their return.

However, it was decided on Friday that the ban would not be implemented meaning Silva was free to play in the Blues’ clash with Aston Villa. Speaking after the 3-0 win, Tuchel spoke of techincal performance advisor Petr Cech’s role in the reversal.

“I was hoping the whole week that common sense strikes. For was it good for if all the Brazilian players in the Premier League don’t play for their national team and do not play for their clubs. Who does that help?,” the German told his post-match press conference.

“So we were pretty shocked and we had no understanding about the situation and how it was even possible. None of the clubs did anything wrong. So why punish and why punish the players?

“The players want to play for Brazil and they want to play for their club. There was no reason in punishing them but sometimes it can happen. We were full of hope and the chairman and Petr Cech helped and pushed everyone to the decision that is possible that he played.

“It was absolutely necessary he played for us. He had one half at Liverpool, trained hard, and needs his games now. It was very important that we could rest Andreas Christensen who played three games with Denmark. Thiago did a fantastic performance, dropped many shots, and I’m happy.”

Two goals from Romelu Lukaku and one from Mateo Kovacic extended the Blues’ unbeaten start to the season, taking them to 10 points from four Premier League games.

Silva will now be available to play in the club’s opening Champions League game against Zenit St. Petersburg on Tuesday night as well.

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