A dangerous vulnerability was found in WhatsApp

Imagine that in your chat in WhatsApp another person with a very specific malicious intent can wedge in.

Check Point experts found a horrible “hole”, through which a cybercriminal can access the chat and correct the quoted message, giving a sense, which was originally not there.

The vulnerability can be exploited in several ways: to change the words of the interlocutor in a chat, to simulate communication on behalf of a participant who is not actually in the chat, while others will appear to be online, and also send messages to the group chat allegedly in a “personal” response to which (very likely – compromising) will be visible to all participants.

In order to take advantage of the bug, it’s enough to intercept the encrypted traffic – and here is a potential victim “in the pocket” of the villains. If the bug is not eliminated in the near future, the consequences – from irreversible personal damage to the destruction of corporations through the dissemination of knowingly false information – can not be predicted.

By the way, the home ICQ messenger is little inferior to WhatsApp. In addition to group calls, it has other strengths that Facebook does not have. “ICQ” supports message pins and mentions of users in them, search and editing of sent messages, as well as stickers (search by sets, emoji, etc.).

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