AirTag Used To Prove Homeless Belongings Were Being Trashed

AirTags are meant to help people track down lost or missing items, but it seems that people are starting to find other ways of using them. Such is the case with lawyer Michael Fuller, who has been recently trying to get the city of Portland to stop clearing the tents belonging to homeless people from Laurelhurst Park.

He also attached AirTags, with the permission of the campers, to some of the items at the site to prove that authorities had been trashing the belongings instead of holding onto them for a month, which they are apparently legally obligated to do. Sure enough, thanks to the AirTag’s tracking capabilities, Fuller was proven right.

According to Fuller, “I practically begged the city not to move forward with the sweep to make sure property wasn’t being destroyed, and the city ignored me. Now there’s going to be legal consequences. It completely vindicates what the homeless people have been saying all along.”

He adds, “Due to the tracking technology, we have proof positive that Rapid Response broke the law and took property that was perfectly clean and sanitary, and belonged to homeless people, and took them to the dump.” He is now seeking an explanation from the city and if they can’t give a satisfactory answer, he and his clients will be seeking monetary compensation for their losses.

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