Amazon ‘Set To Open 30 Physical Shops In The UK’ That Won’t Have Checkouts

Amazon is set to open up around 30 physical shops in the UK and they won’t have checkouts.

According to The Sunday Times, the online retail giant is said to be launching more than 10 Amazon Go convenience stores with a further 20 potentially opening after that – although discussions are still ongoing.

The idea is that customers will gain access into the shops with their Amazon Go app and then cameras will keep track of what you’re buying.

Amazon is said to be interested in opening stores near transport hubs, so busy commuters needing to pick items up on the go can be targeted.

LADbible has contacted Amazon for a comment but if it all goes smoothly, these would be the first Amazon Go shops on the UK high street and would come following the opening of the first Amazon Go shop in Seattle, Washington, back in 2018.

The first outlet is mostly selling food and drink on the ground floor of Amazon’s headquarters but the idea could be used for anything basically, as long as the technology works properly.

Upon opening, one shopper told Associated Press: “It’s such a weird experience because you feel like you’re stealing when you go out the door.”

However, another said: “Just being able to walk out and not interact with anyone was amazing.”

Despite the fact that there are no cashiers there, Amazon do still have to employ some people to make the food, stack the shelves and all that, but it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine that in the future these tasks will not be performed by humans.

This hi-tech way of shopping could ramp up the pressure on traditional supermarkets. Bryan Roberts, a retail analyst who has visited Amazon Go in the US, told the Guardian: “It’s brilliant technology and experience, but Amazon are not very good at running shops.

“If you have got a local captive audience, all of whom have got the app and can walk in and walk out, it’s great.”

Other supermarkets have already started to toy with cashless systems with Tesco and Sainsbury’s both giving it a whirl. Waitrose and the Co-op have also trialled apps that allow shoppers to pay using their mobile phone.

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