Apple Introduces COVID-19 Exposure Notifications in iOS 13.7 Update

Apple‘s latest iOS 13.7 update is introducing an improved version of Google and Apple’s COVID-19 tracking system.

According to reports, the Exposure Notifications Express framework allows users to straightforwardly notify people if they have been in contact with or exposed to someone who has the Coronavirus pandemic. The upgraded feature can be found in the iOS device’s Settings menu with a “Turn on Exposure Notifications” toggle.

For places where local health authorities have opted to utilize Apple’s framework, iOS 13.7 will provide users with exposure notifications without having to download a separate app; users who live in places that are not using the Apple feature will be informed if there is a separate app that is applicable to their area. States such as Maryland, Nevada, Virginia and Washington D.C. will be some of the first places to utilize Exposure Notifications Express, and the feature will be compatible with other existing apps.

In addition to Exposure Notifications Express, iOS 13.7 includes new Memoji stickers, an iCloud Drive folder sharing feature from the Files app and several unnamed bug fixes and improvements.

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