Apple Patent Reveals Company May be Developing a Car Windshield That Can Detect Cracks

An Apple Car has been rumored for years, and this recently discovered patent just might confirm that they’re working on building one. To be more specific, patent describes a system that uses electrical current to detect cracks and other issues in glass. Sure, the iPhone, iPad and iMac all use glass, but the patent sketches show that it’s specifically for car windshields. It consists of a conductive film that sits between layers of glass.

When you combine this system with AI, the car will be able to tell you when to bring it in for service, even if the crack is microscopic. Segmented terminals and elongated terminals could be coupled to the edges of the conductive layers. This meanas that control circuitry can apply localized ohmic heating currents and can make resistance measurements on the conductive layers to detect cracks.

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