Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio lets you ‘try’ MagSafe accessory combos

Apple’s mobile accessory universe expanded considerably with the launch of the iPhone 12 line and MagSafe, and it’s accordingly ready to treat those add-ons more like fashion items. MacRumors notes that Apple has launched a (currently mobile-only) iPhone 12 Studio that lets you ‘try’ MagSafe accessory combos to see how good they’ll look with your preferred phone. If you’re wondering how stylish a green iPhone 12 mini would look paired with a Plum case and a Saddle Brown wallet, you can find out with a few taps.

If you like a given look, you can name and save it to buy it later.

It won’t surprise you to hear where the idea comes from. The company is borrowing the concept from the Apple Watch Studio, which helps you customize bands and cases. Apple is clearly hoping that you’ll be more likely to buy official MagSafe accessories if you can see how well they match and buy them all with relative ease.

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