Bosch announces futuristic handheld device that cleans your clothes on the go

In a world first, Bosch has unveiled a new product that can lift even the most stubborn odors from your clothes – and you don’t need water, detergent, or anything else. Just juice it up with a micro-USB charger, and you’re good to go!

I’m a sucker for products that make household chores easier, and the FreshUp has just shot up to the top of my wishlist. Bosch says it eliminates smells like cigarette smoke, and body odor, leaving your clothes “as if they have been hung outside to dry.” A very bold statement, but it explains that it achieves this with the “power of plasma.”

The handheld device uses plasma to “dissolve the bonds between odour molecules” to break them down and get rid of them entirely. So rather than masking the smell with pungent sprays, and leaving a trail of flowery B.O. in  your wake, you can just zap the problem directly.

Another benefit of using plasma is that it’s not going to damage the fabric of your clothes; there’s no tearing, shrinking, or risk of discoloration. It’s so gentle, you can even use it on silk, cashmere, and wool, with Bosch adding that vintage pieces and dry-clean only items that usually require special care will also be fine to use with FreshUp. You just switch it on, lay the garment in question on a flat surface, and wipe the FreshUp from side-to-side.

It sounds delightfully futuristic, but the price tag will make your eyes water. Coming in at £249.99, it’s not cheap by any means. But if you have a lot of delicate fabrics, it’ll save you on dry-cleaning in the long run. You can find out more at Bosch’s website.

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