DuckDuckGo Maps gets Directions feature

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has had maps integrated for years. Users could open the Maps part of the offering to look up places powered by Apple’s MapKit JS Framework. One thing that was missing up until now was the ability to get directions using Maps on DuckDuckGo.

The company announced this week that it has added the much requested feature (according to DuckDuckGo), to its Maps service. DuckDuckGo users may get walking and driving directions now when they use Maps on the site.

While that is less than what Google Maps offers, as Google’s offering supports transit, cycling and flight directions as well, it is the private nature of the directions addendum that may appeal to users of the service. DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy applies to Maps and thus also to the new directions feature, and that means that the company won’t collect or share personal information.

The location-based information are isolated and discarded after use according to the announcement.

In the case of location-related searches, your browser sends location information which we isolate from any personal information the browser sends, and which we discard after use, enabling us to provide anonymous localized results and features.

Using Maps and the new directions feature is quite easy. When you run a search for a place on DuckDuckGo’s main site, you will notice that a small map is displayed on the right. A click on the map or on the directions button that is displayed opens the maps interface. You may also run any query and click on Maps to open it, or use the shortcut !ddgm  followed by the name of a place to open the Maps interface right away.

A click on the Directions button pulls directions using your location by default, but you can change the “from” and “to” parameters easily using the interface.

The directions part of Maps displays several route options if available, with the fastest route selected by default.


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