Elon Musk defies lockdown to reopen Tesla factory and asks to be arrested

The Tesla factory in California has re-opened against lockdown measures with boss Elon Musk saying authorities can arrest him if they disagree.

The billionaire has been increasingly critical about quarantine measures in the US and said it poses a ‘serious’ risk to Tesla’s business.

As such, he has taken the decision to start producing electric cars again and said he will be on the production line along with everybody else.

‘If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me,’ he tweeted.

Alameda County officials inside California took the decision to suspend all but ‘essential’ businesses in the hope of limiting the spread of the coronavirus. Tesla initially fought the order to close but then did so on March 23.

Now the company is open and running again with Musk threatening to move the entire facility from California to Texas or Nevada.

Musk has used a state-wide order from California’s governor allowing manufacturing to resume as basis for his decision and says furloughed staff are now back to their full employment.

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