Elon Musk: I did not smoke while writing Tesla’s stock tweet

Speaking to the New York Times, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk clarified the controversial tweeting he had on August 7th.

Elon Musk said he would collect Tesla’s shares of the electric car maker, paying 420 dollar per share, in a statement from his Twitter account.

Musk said in a statement to the New York Times that he did not write the tweet after he had been smoking it.

“I do not regret it,” said Musk, indicating that he was wrote away when he went to the airport with his Tesla Model S brand.

The post-tweet 4/20 has become a symbol of weed consumption, especially in the US.

It is not known exactly how this started, but a statement 4/20 is a secret code that a group of high school students in California in the 1970s used for cannabis in the 1970s, and spread from there all over the country.

After Musk’s tweet, Tesla’s stock prices had risen sharply, attracting attention to the SEC, which regulates stock market and capital markets in the US.

Fox News has announced that the SEC has sent a complaint to the company and is accelerating its investigation of the tweet.

After working 120 hours a week, Musk said that he was worried about his friends and said: “Last year was the most difficult and painful year of my life.

Tesla is under pressure to accelerate the production of the Model 3 tool, and last May, Musk responded to a market specialist saying “boring and stupid questions are not cool” for the company.

The New York Times reported that Musk said that he sometimes interrupted the conversation and had a feeling of emotion, told Musk that he had spent 24 hours working on the birthday of June 28 and said, “All night, no friend, nothing.”

Tesla also faces different cases. The last time a worker at a battery factory in Nevada told the SEC that he was collecting intelligence about the company’s employees.

The company has complained that the complaint is serious, but after an internal investigation it has found no evidence to support that claim.

In the New York Times interview, Musk used the phrase “Mostly insomnia or Ambien”, saying that he used Ambien soothing to sleep when he was not working.

The New York Times wrote that Musk’s use of this drug is concerned that Tesla is a member of some board members, and that the members are curious about whether this drug caused tweets that he threw late at night.

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