Even UK’s Largest Police Forensics Contractor Isn’t Safe From Ransomware

According to the BBC, the ransomware attack took place last month and the Brussels-based company had confirmed the incident in a press release the following day, calling it a “new version of malware.”

The hack had caused a disruption to many of its IT systems in several countries. It did add, though, that internal and external IT forensics experts hadn’t found any evidence of data being stolen.

Eurofins Scientific sent out a press release on June 24th to confirm that it had started to recover from the incident but didn’t say whether a ransom had been paid or if it was simply restoring data from backups. Today’s report suggests that the company did indeed pay a ransom to the hackers and then restored its systems using the decryption key that the hackers had sent. It is unclear just how much in ransom the company paid.

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