Facebook Testing Viewing Instagram Stories Directly On Its Platform

Facebook has long allowed Instagram users to post Stories on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time in a bid to help build momentum for Facebook Stories. However, the problem is that Instagram Stories shared to Facebook can only be viewed by your Facebook friends and followers, as opposed to Instagram followers.

Given that some people might be more active on either platform, it can have mixed results. However, it appears that Facebook is now testing the ability for Instagram users to share Instagram Stories directly within Facebook. What this means is that you might soon start to see Instagram Stories in Facebook made by people you follow on Instagram as well.

We know that this sounds a bit confusing, but basically if you’re someone that uses Facebook more than Instagram, you won’t have to switch to Instagram if you want to see the Stories made by people you follow that you might not follow or are friends with on Facebook. Users will, however, have to have an Instagram account that’s linked to Facebook in order for this to work.

For those concerned about privacy, Facebook notes that only people who follow you on Instagram can see the Stories that you cross-post, so you don’t have to worry about non-followers on Facebook seeing it.

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