Google Assistant will soon be able to find your lost keys

You’re late for work, you’ve barely slept, and now you can’t find your keys – it’s a nightmare most of us face from time to time, but Tile’s tracking technology has made the morning routine easier for even the most forgetful among us.

And now it’s set to get even easier, with the company announcing an update to its Google Assistant integration that will allow you to ask your Google Home speaker or smart display directly to find your misplaced item.

The feature, which Tile says is set to launch “later this year”, allows Google Assistant to support Tile’s voice-enabled ‘direct ring’ technology.

According to Tile, this allows your Google Home speaker to “connect directly with and ring lost items, for a faster and more reliable result”, explaining that the process is “very similar to executing any other smart home Action with the Assistant”.

Battle of the trackers

In the past, you would need to say “OK Google, ask Tile to find my keys”, to bring Google Assistant in on your search.

Thanks to this new update, you should be able to say simpler things like “Hey Google, find my keys”, and the Tile tracker attached to your keys will ring, allowing you to find them quickly.

You may be wondering why Tile has bothered to make this announcement when the new feature won’t be available until the end of 2019, but in the face of rumors that Apple is about to launch its own rival tracker, it makes perfect sense.

According to some digging done by MacRumors into an internal build of iOS 13, Apple’s rumored new accessory will help you “tag your everyday items” and “never lose them again”.

Apple is yet to confirm these rumors, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out if an Apple tracker is truly on the cards, as we’d expect it to be announced alongside the new iPhone 11 on September 10.

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