Google Meet gaining Q&A and polls features next week

From next week, Google will roll out two new features in Google Meet: polls and Q&A. The latter will allow meeting participants to ask questions during an ongoing meeting or presentation without disturbing its flow. This feature could also be particularly useful for students as they can ask their questions during an ongoing class without interrupting the teacher.

As for polls, it will allow meeting hosts to get required feedback from their audience and decide on future topics and overall offer a more engaging meeting experience. Moderators will also be able to set up multiple poll questions and launch the poll during a video call as they deem fit. After a poll is closed, the meeting hosts will receive a report of the results, with moderators also having an option to share the results of the poll with the participants in a bar chart format. An email containing the poll data in Google Sheets will also be automatically mailed to moderators.

Google will roll out polls and Q&A feature in Google Meet starting October 8 for end-users and the rollout is expected to be completed in 15 days. It will be available for G Suite Essentials, Business, Enterprise, Enterprise for Education customers, with G Suite Basic, Education, and nonprofits customers missing out on it.

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