Google’s CEO announces: The Internet will be split into two

A period of cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States jumps to the Internet. The owner of the claim, the CEO of Google’s roof organization Alphabet, told the future of the Internet.

“The new Cold War will divide the Internet into two separate sections”

The owner of the claim is Eric Schmidt, CEO of internet giant Google’s rooftop Alphabet.

According to Eric Schmidt, this is going to happen in 10 years.

Speaking to the US press, Schmidt claimed that the tax wars would spread to the Internet and the Internet would be divided into two as the Chinese pole and the US pole.

“In 2028, we may encounter two different versions of the internet,” said Schmidt, who underlined that global Internet will be managed by these two giants over the next 10 years. I think it’s the strongest scenario right now, and it’s not a breakup. It is a Chinese-led internet and not a Chinese, but a US-managed internet, “he said.

In the same statement, Schmidt stressed that despite the Internet’s products and services in China, the country’s censorship and control initiatives on the Internet are ‘real danger’.

Internet giant Google is on the agenda with the claim that it has developed a ‘censored’ search engine dedicated to China for some time!

Under the project called “Dragonfly “, special applications are being developed that extract the results of prohibited Web pages and search words such as human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protest.

Google’s top manager Sundar Pichai, a high-level name from China management after a meeting in December 2017, the scope of the project launched after the Google engineers named “Maotai ” and “LongFei “, Android-based private mobile search They had developed two versions of the application.

According to the Intercept reporters ‘ “service-specific ” Letterhead Google documents, the application to be made available in China will automatically detect and filter the websites blocked by the country’s official Internet firewall, and Will not show pages in search results. On the search results page, “Some results have been removed from the page due to legal obligation. “.

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