Halogen bulbs are banned in Europe

Halogen lamps in Europe are banned from September 1st.

Halogen lamps that have been lighting homes and streets for 60 years in Europe.

To save energy, the LED lamps will take the place of these bulbs throughout the continent.

LED lamps consume less energy than halogen lamps. With the completion of the transition period, carbon emissions will decrease by 15 million tons a year. This is equal to Portugal’s electricity consumption.

Saving 145 dollars per household per year

Bulb maker Philips says that switching from halogen lamps to LEDs will reduce the average electric bill for a handle in the UK by 112 pounds (about $145).

A halogen bulb lasts an average of two years, and the lifetime of LED lamps can reach 15-20 years.

LED lamps are more expensive than halogen lamps. An average house in the UK is using 10 lamps.

In Britain, the British anti-European Union Independence Party is opposed to the fact that expensive LED lamps will cause burdens on low income.

The party says it must be left to the public.

With the new application, the sale of halogen lamps will be allowed until stocks run out.

Used in home furnaces and similar places, capsules, linear and low-voltage halogen reflectors are not covered by the ban.


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