How to get iOS 15 developer beta on your iPhone

It’s time to experiment: the iOS 15 developer beta has arrived, and anyone with a compatible iPhone and a paid Apple Developer membership will be able to download and test Apple’s newest mobile tricks.

During WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled the future operating systems for its most popular hardware, including macOS 12, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15, all of which also have developer betas available for download today.

If you’re looking for the iOS 15 public beta, we have some bad news: Apple won’t release a more consumer-friendly build until July. Until then, the developer beta undoubtedly will have plenty of bugs and unfinalized features that make it unsuited for a daily-use iPhone.

If you haven’t enrolled your Apple ID into the Developer program, you won’t be able to see the iOS 15 beta download. Unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege, your best bet is to wait until July, when Apple releases the public beta.

You must also have a compatible device: any iPhone from the iPhone 12 to iPhone 6S will run iOS 15, as will both iPhone SEs and the iPod Touch (7th Gen). Whichever you own, we highly recommend backing up your iPhone before installing the developer beta, as you may need to wipe it to reinstall a stable iOS 14 build later.

WWDC 2021 screenshot

You’ve been warned, so we’ll assume that you know what you’re getting into from this point forward. Below, we’ll break down the simple steps on how to download the iOS 15 developer beta.

Go to the Apple Developer site. Sign in to your Apple ID and agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions if you haven’t already. Then go to the Downloads page. If the iOS 15 developer beta doesn’t appear, that means you don’t have the necessary developer access to download it.

Assuming you don’t have an account, go to the program enrollment page and select ‘Start Your Enrollment’. Input the necessary personal and payment information and hit ‘Purchase’.

Your account should now have developer access. Go back to the Apple Developer Downloads page, preferably on your iPhone browser, and iOS 15 should now be visible. Tap ‘Download’ next to it, which will place the configuration profile directly on your phone.

(If you download the beta on your computer, you must email it to yourself, open the email on your iPhone, and tap the attachment.)

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your new iOS 15 update should now be visible, so tap Download and Install. Enter your passcode if necessary, and the new developer beta should install, resetting your iPhone.

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