IBM’s AI-Powered Mayflower Autonomous Ship Starts Transatlantic Crossing Journey

IBM and ocean research non-profit ProMare announced this week that the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS400) has officially started its transatlantic crossing journey in international waters. There is no human captain or onboard crew, as it utilizes artificial intelligence and energy from the sun to traverse the waters. The ship works in tandem with scientists and other autonomous vessels, providing a flexible and cost-effective platform for deepening understanding of critical issues such as climate change.

The pioneering mission is the result of years of work and a global collaboration between marine research non-profit ProMare, IBM and dozens of partners from across industry and academia. Designed to forge a cost-effective and flexible platform for gathering data about the ocean, MAS400 will help scientists gather the data they need to advance understanding of key global issues affecting ocean health including ocean acidification, microplastics and marine mammal conservation,” said the company.

This project aims to further advance the development of fully autonomous AI systems and applications for use in various worldwide industries, like shipping, natural commodities, telecommunications, security, defense systems, fishing and aquaculture. Its path across the Atlantic should take approximately three weeks, with the end destination being Provincetown, MA, before making its way to the U.S. port of Plymouth.

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