Ilon Mask received a frightening letter from supporters

Gene Munster is Managing Partner of Loup Ventures, a venture company that invests in virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics. Ilon Mask is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, a genius who failed as a superhero and a man who lately undermines his credibility. Having explained all this, let’s look through to the open letter of Gene Munster to Ilon Mask.

I write on behalf of investors who believe in you and your mission to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy of the Earth. Your track record is unprecedented, and we recognize your non-material virtues as a leader – creating a culture of walking through barriers and raising the workforce at a level that has not been observed in the last 20 years of technology use.

However, further success requires the support of investors. To fulfill its mission, Tesla needs access to capital and trust of investors.
Over the past 6 months, there were too many examples of behavior that undermines investor confidence. In our opinion, your attack to analysts in anticipation of profit in March 2018, your dissatisfaction with short sales and media, June email correspondence with a saboteur and confrontation on Twitter with a diver Verny Untsworth from the cave, all this showed investors a flags.

The squabble with Verne Unsworth became the last straw. I suspect you agree that this correspondence needs to be deleted from your Twitter account, but to restore investor confidence, something more is required.
Your behavior strengthens the opinion of you as a thin-skinned and quick-tempered leader.
Fortunately, the path to the restoration of investor confidence has already been trampled. Everything starts with an apology. After that, you should focus your speech in the direction of reaching the Tesla missions. You can wrangle on Twitter, and this will allow Tesla to stay in the news, but can not improve the product and the production process.

Ignore short sales also. In due time I was able to notice that when companies aggressively interact with short sales, they lose. The best way to overcome them is not words, but actions, a gift for the growth of stocks.
It is difficult to imagine the responsibility and the tension that can arise when managing several world-changing companies, but we can say with confidence that this letter demonstrates the views of investors and customers who want to see you successful. Rarely the one who changes the world, listens to others, but I hope that you will consider the opinions of your supporters and make the right conclusions.

Yours faithfully,

Gene Munster

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