iOS 15 Will Let You Drag And Drop Images And Text Across Apps

Want to drag and drop a file on your computer? No problem. Want to do something similar on your iPhone? That’s going to be tricky, if not near-impossible. However, the good news is that with iOS 15, Apple will be making that process easier by letting users drag and drop images and text across apps.

This means that you can drag images you find online or in your gallery into other apps like your email apps or to another app like Dropbox. This also works with text so you can drag entire paragraphs from a website or email to another app like a messenger app and so on. It sounds like it could be useful, but we’re not 100% convinced.

This is because we’re not sure if dragging and dropping is faster compared to copy and pasting. The action of users having to highlight a paragraph of text means that if you were to just tap copy and then hit paste in the other app, your job is done. This is versus having to drag the text across the multitasking interface to find the app you want, which honestly seems slower.

Perhaps there are benefits to this feature that we’re not seeing yet, but we suppose at the very least it will be an option for some users who might prefer using this method.

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