Life Saving Maneuver from the Tesla Model 3 Autopilot

Tesla accidents which is the cause of autopilot throughout the year, offers the same autopilot system from the most economical to the most luxurious. A Economy-class Model 3 driver has released images of the maneuver exhibited by the vehicle while driving on the freeway. According to the driver, the autopilot system saved his life.

Tesla is selling thousands of vehicles in the US and Europe. The company aims to establish production centers in different continents to meet intense demand. Tesla will have to solve the economic crisis it is primarily involved with. Since the beginning of the year, both the attitudes of Elon Musk and the delays in the production of Model 3 have increased the size of the financial crisis. All of these have been accidents accused of autopilot systems, which are often experienced. Some accidents were really violent and mortal.

Tesla has not yet made in-car autonomous systems fully independent. In other words, even if the driver autopilot is open, he has to sit on the seat and frequently touches the steering wheel in case of cruising. So in an emergency, the car is aware that it will pass to human control. The vast majority of accidents happen because of those who do not apply these rules when opening and watching the autopilot. Of course there are accidents that Tesla is also wrong.

The accident that happened today is the opposite. Because the model 3’s autonomous driving system, which the driver uses according to his expressions, saved his life. The moment of the potential accident, the in-vehicle camera was also recorded. The driver took a short video immediately after the win and added images of the camera at the end of the video.

The driver says he’s set the autopilot at a constant speed of 102 miles an hour. As we watch this way, a third vehicle is approaching to the front of the vehicle on the left side of Model 3. Estimated to be 150 km / h, the car suddenly breaks onto Model 3. Then the sensors connected to the autopilot system feel dangerous, Model 3 suddenly moves side by side. The autopilot’s response speed is almost as fast as the car coming from behind. I also mention that these speeds can cause catastrophic accident to a possible friction.

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