M1 Macs Will No Longer Be Able To Sideload Unsupported iOS Apps

To help deal with the initial shortage of native apps developed for the M1 chipset, Apple has allowed users to install iOS apps on M1 Mac computers. Even though iOS apps aren’t necessarily optimized for laptops or computers, it still helps to fill a void, even if it is temporary.

However, for those users out there who might have been sideloading unsupported iOS apps, you might be disappointed to learn that will no longer be possible. According to reports, it seems that Apple has made some server side changes in which M1 Mac computers will no longer be able to sideload iOS apps that weren’t made available for Macs.

For those who are a bit confused by this, prior to this change, users could install iOS apps on their M1 Macs through platforms such as iMazing. This meant that even if a developer chose not to make their app usable on an M1 Mac, users could still sideload it. However, the changes Apple has since made means these workarounds are no longer possible.

It is unclear why Apple has made this change. It is possible that sideloading apps not intended for the M1 could result in a less than ideal experience that Apple wants its users to avoid. Or maybe there could be security issues, but whatever the case, it seems that it is no longer something M1 Mac users can do.

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