New Google Maps feature is great news for electric vehicle owners

Google has been busy recently pushing out various updates to Andriod Auto, Android Automotive, and Google Maps, really making a push when it comes to its mobility solutions.

The most important of which is Google Maps, as it has recently replaced the Android Auto app with its new Driving Mode.

The most recent Google Map update is aimed specifically at Android Automotive users and is designed to support thermal battery management for electric vehicles.

It’s essentially a system that monitors the temperature of the battery in your EV and helps maintain an optimal value before you initiate a charge.

It works by using information related to the location of the vehicle, the location of the charging station, and the time left until you reach the charge point. It will then make sure the battery is fully prepared for the charge at exactly the time you reach the charge point.

We think it’s a really smart idea, and will essentially prolong the life of the battery in your electric vehicle.

Of course, to use this function you’ll need an electric vehicle that runs Android Automotive, which, at the moment, is most likely going to be a Volvo or a Polestar.

This clearly shows the benefits of Android Automotive over Android Auto, because the operating system is deeply integrated into the vehicle it allows much more advanced functionality.

In fact, in our recent Android Automotive review, we said, “having a built-in OS makes much more sense and provides a more seamless operation of the car.”

We can’t wait to see what Google and car makers dream up next.

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