New threat to the world: Drone terrorism

The attack on the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a speech at the ceremony was accompanied by a question mark as to whether these unmanned vehicles used in many areas were the next generation of terrorism.

Terrorist experts have been among the possible means of attack since 2014, and the drones are used effectively in surveillance and explorations by hand bombardment by the Iraqi Sami Islamic State (ISIS), which has reacted with terrorist attacks, especially around the world. It is also known that the organization has made intensive efforts to develop this new generation technology vehicle, which sells in Iraq and Syria at prices ranging from 100 to 1,000 dollar.

Some United Nations (UN) countries, concerned about the abuse of terrorist organizations, want a special arrangement for the import and marketing of these tools, which are relatively easy and cheap to reach. Russia announced in January 2018 that ten gunmen were attacked in the regions where they deployed their troops in Syria.

France attaches importance to fight with drone

France is at the head of the most determined countries in the fight against the drones. In recent years, the country has been known for its struggle against drones, especially those trying to infiltrate nuclear power plants. France, which intensifies its work on the means and means of monitoring and disabling unmanned aerial vehicles, follows the Secretary General of Defense and National Security. In October 2016, two French Special Forces deployed near Mosul were seriously injured in a dronal attack organized by the military ISIS.

Why do terrorist organizations prefer drones to their attacks?

Factors such as low cost, speed and maneuverability, load carrying capacity, ability to create fear and chaos, maximum effect in reaching the target, and risk free from the organization to attack will have an impact on terrorist organizations’ use of drones as a means of attack.

Drones are worried about using them in a possible attack on places such as nuclear power plant, stadium and ceremony area. Even if the drones are likely to increase the psychological dimension of terrorism, even if there are no casualties in the offensive, it makes the issue even more delicate. In the future, it is stated that the widespread use of drones for commercial purposes in the private sector can be exploited to hide the attacks.

On the other hand, CIA former vice-chairman Michael Morell claimed that he killed Ibrahim al-Asiri, who was described as the most advanced bomb maker estimated to work on bombs that could be stored in laptop computers before his death, by drone operation.

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