Samsung Is Finally Removing Ads From Its First-Party Apps

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using a Samsung phone, you might have realized that the company actually puts ads into its own first-party apps. This has been a huge point of contention amongst Samsung users, simply because you paid for the phone, yet why are there ads in it? Especially the company’s own apps, right?

Thankfully, after years of users complaining, it seems that they have finally listened to their customers. It now appears that Samsung has started to remove the ads from its first-party apps. Samsung actually confirmed their plans back in August where the company’s mobile chief TM Roh said that they will remove ads from apps such as Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.

The removal of ads is supposed to be for its home market of South Korea, but users in the US have reported that they are seeing ads disappear on their end as well. We’re not sure if this is intentional or accidental, but it’s a good thing either way. If you are still seeing ads on your Samsung phone for the aforementioned first-party apps, then you might need to force stop the app and relaunch it.

Once that’s done you should no longer be seeing ads on your phone for those apps. We’re not sure if users in other countries are seeing these changes, but you can always try your luck, if not then we guess nothing’s changed.

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