Schoolgirl from Mariupol amazed everyone with a new method of struggling against waste

The Ukrainian high school student won the international competition in the USA. The girl suggested a new version of the utilization of cellophane – with the help of larvae of beetles.

As reported by the local newspaper, the girl from Mariupol, Ukraine, Ekaterina Malkina has found the larvae of beetles, which able to eat cellophane. According to a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, one hundred larvae are able to utilize a plastic bag for one day – under normal conditions it will decay for more than one century.

So far, the author has not patented his invention. She started working on the research in the 9th grade, and even successfully made a presentation of the project at the International Ecological Olympiad INESPO-2016 in Holland, having received silver medal for it. Catherine will continue to develop her project: the girl plans to study at a Canadian college, to where she received a grant from the Ukrainian diaspora as a reward for winning the Olympics in the States.

Malkina’s project does not require special resources, and can be implemented in different countries, including those where separate collection of garbage is not yet developed. The direction is more than promising: the possibilities of plastic recycling with the help of insects began to be studied only a few years ago. As one of the eco-friendly and inexpensive ways, this approach causes unflagging interest from scientists and business, and undoubtedly will continue to develop.

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