Sexy Bikini-Clad Korean Models Banned on Twitch For Saucy Poolside Stream

“Just Chatting” is a popular category on Twitch – the world’s leading live streaming platform – where streamers can talk to their audience and frequently host peculiar and even risque things.

Four Korean supermodels were banned on Twitch on 18 August after a saucy poolside stream of the bikini-clad lovelies went viral and shot to the most watched channel.

The Korean channel featured models named “sooflower”, “addielyn9”, “chobiman0125” and “damicos”, stripped to their bikinis, and striking poses around a swimming pool while interacting with their fast-growing audience.

The viral stream on “Just Chatting”, a popular category on Twitch where streamers can talk to their audience, caught the eyes of many, hitting over twenty-seven thousand viewers.

At one point during the stream, after posing suggestively, three of the sexy girls got into the water behind some glass, and pressed their bodies sensually against it.

Twitch quickly banned each individual model’s own channel that participated in the poolside broadcast, although the stream was hosted on sooflower’s channel.

Twitch often issues bans to channels that violate its Community Guidelines on content and intent.

Unless the streamer gets told personally and announces it publicly, it usually remains unclear how long the ban is as it can range from 24 hours up to a month.

Some users decried the ban, claiming other Twitch users had launched poolside streams before.

Popular Twitch personality Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Niknam called the models stream shameless during his 18 August broadcast.
“It’s absolutely shameless. It’s like the mannerisms, the behavior. All of it shameless”, he said.

Another Twitch personality “m0xxy” was in a chat with a group of people when he watched the models, and responding to comments that there were other sites where one can see those kind of girls naked, replied:

“Yeah but this is better, because I see Twitch emotes”.

Twitter users joined the conversation, with some sarcastically commenting that “Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers”, adding “I’m looking hard for the game that’s being played”.

There were Twitter users who were amazed at how this type content had initially been allowed to stream so long:

None of the Korean models have commented on the ban yet.

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